Aboite Township Volunteer Fire Department is located in the Southwest section of Allen County in Northeast Indiana. A total of eleven fire, EMS, and rescue apparatus respond to emergency dispatched calls from two stations. The department has been in operation since 1982 with all volunteers on a pager alert system for all emergency calls in the township. Since 1996, Aboite has provided two Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT-B / EMT-A) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to service the medical emergencies of the community.

Aboite Fire Department 

11321 Aboite Center Rd

Fort Wayne, IN 46814

Phone: (260) 436-1449

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The Aboite Fire/EMS Department together with MED Training and Consulting is offering a FREE Stop the Bleed class on May 22.  This Stop the Bleeding course is designed for civilians and first responders while giving them the knowledge and understanding of how to control both major and minor blood loss through the application of a tourniquet, wound packing, and direct pressure. This course will also explain the stages of shock and prevention of blood loss and why it is so critical in saving a life. Each student will also be taught the TCCC (Tactical combat casualty care) acronym, MARCH.  Click here for more info and registration