Township Assistance


A trustee is responsible for helping persons experiencing financial distress in their township. Applicants are required to complete an application for assistance and schedule an appointment to discuss his/her need. Once the application and interview is complete, a thorough investigation is conducted and when found eligible, assistance will be provided in the most economical means available.

A person or family is in need if there is not enough income or resources to provide the basic necessities of life. Necessities of life include: food, shelter, essential utilities, medical needs, household supplies, and clothing.

If you are a resident of Aboite Township and need assistance, Township Assistance Application packets are available in the Township Office or you can download the Township Assistance Application and Document Verification form on this site. Call the office at 260-432-0970 to schedule an appointment. 

Aboite Township Assistance Guidelines

Rent Assistance Schedule

Food Pantry

Aboite Township has started a food pantry to help residents of the township.  Distribution of collected items will be to the needy residents of Aboite Township.  The pantry will be open during normal township business hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 9am-2pm).  Clients will be asked to prove residency of Aboite Township.  The distribution of goods will be loosely based on the family size, age of family members and the immediate needs.  Clients will be given the opportunity to select their food choices.  The township will provide used plastic bags for convenience.  


The next-of-kin can apply for burial assistance for a deceased family member if there is no other resource to pay for such services. The deceased's household must be determined eligible for township assistance by completing an application and submitting required paperwork. Township pays according to Schedule L in the Guidelines.

Cemetery Maintenance

Provides and maintains cemeteries within the township.